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Seasonal Glass Art Classes in Kamloops

At High Country Stained Glass, we make it easier to “Get into the Holiday Spirit,” no matter the Holiday!

Start early and learn how to make your own gifts!

All classes are offered in our Downtown Kamloops Studio. 

Choose from several different styles, prices & experience levels!


Please NOTE: UNDERLINED classes are INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED ONLY, Experience required!


Christmas / Seasonal Classes

Choose from several quick and easy Christmas projects - assorted prices.

Some classes offer a "Non-Christmas" themed project, just ask us!

Nativity Stable/Manger

3hrs. / Ages 12+


Includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus & Stable.

Come in and learn the basics of Lead-wrapping. Then assemble the characters and decorate! 

Continue with additional character classes or purchase pre-cut ones & do it yourself at home! Choose from 13 different kits to mix and match your theme! Also different colors available, except the palm tree!




3hrs. / Ages 12+


Make 3 assorted characters.

Continue on with the Nativity theme or just learn the easy Lead-wrapping technique in this class. Assemble 3 characters of your choice. Choose from Shepherd or Wise Man. Many different color combinations available.

Continue with additional classes or purchase pre-cut kits and build at home!



3hrs. / Ages 12+


Make 3 assorted animals - Cow, Sheep, Camel

or Donkey. 

We've done all your homework so you just come in and learn the EASY Lead-wrapping technique & assemble. Then decorate!

Continue on with additional classes or purchase pre-cut kits & build your own "barnyard" at home!



3hrs. / Ages 12+ 



Make 2 Trumpeting Angels in this "No Experience Necessary" class. 

We'll teach you how to use lead strips to put these angels together.

Continue with additional themed classes or purchase pre-cut kits and build your own Host!

Gingerbread House

2hrs. / Ages 12+


Gingerbread House

We'll provide you with all the pre-cut pieces you'll need to assemble your own Gingerbread House.


We show you how to use the "Lead Wrapping" technique and then how to assemble it with solder.

Lots of decorating tips provided!

Small Leaded Angel


2 hrs./ Ages 12+


3-D Lighted Angels

Join us and make this little Christmas Angel.

Learn the "lead wrapped" technique to assemble this smaller sized angel. There's lots  colors to choose from. 

This is a "No Experience Necessary" class!

Christmas Patio Lanterns


3 hrs/ Ages 10+  

Blank module

Let your imagination soar in this fun and easy class. We'll provide a lantern base and tons of colored scrap glass. You'll just need to arrange those scraps into 4 small works of art! After they're fused you install them back into the lantern sides.  Add your own candle!


Adult Colouring 


3+ hrs / Ages 10+

Blank module

Choose one of our many "pod" molds (shown is Pointsettia) and have fun filling it with colorful glass frit. We'll fuse it together into a beautiful panel. It's ready to display as-is or insert it into a stained glass panel!

Opt. (additional cost) - You can then have us fuse it again into a functinal bowl or platter. 


Christmas Plate


2 hrs / Ages 12+

Blank module

Come in and get creative! We've got LOTS of simple ideas to "Make it Yourself" this year! Or bring in your own ideas & we'll help you design it!

Our fusing glass is food and dishwasher safe! Make a platter, bowl, even coasters to match!

Because of the variety of ideas you are responsible for your own glass. We'll help you cut & assemble & then fuse it together for you!



Mosaic Polar Bear 


4 hrs / Ages 10+

Blank module

Get all the basics of Mosaicking on this simple panel, with a winter twist! It's a great way to use up all your own scrap glass!

Everything provided to make this wintery wooden wall hanging or trivet.


Fused Winter Scene Plate


2 hrs / Ages 12+

Blank module

Make an old fashioned wintery wonderland in this easy class. Everything's included to make your favorite memory in glass, or create a new one.

We've got lots of ideas & even more glass scraps to create from!

We'll even fuse it a second time to make it into a useful serving item if you prefer.


Christmas Spoons


2 hrs/ Ages 16+  INTERMEDIATE

Blank module

Learn how to make your own unique & functional glass spoons. Makes a GREAT Christmas gift wrapped with tea or hot chocolate packet! 

You'll make up to 5 spoons (4 teaspoons & 1 serving spoon or spoon rest!) 

This is an intermediate class so students must know how to cut glass!



Beveled Snowflakes


2 hrs/ Ages 16+


Blank module

Make a beautiful Wintery Snowflake in this "No Experience Necessary" class.

Choose from many color combinations to make your unique snowflake. Includes beveled glass for the center- which makes rainbows in the sun!


3D Spinners


3 hrs / Ages 16+  Intermediate


Blank module

Come in and join us in this new ADVANCED class. Learn how to assemble a unique 3D Spinner with assistance!

You'll need to do some pre-class homework. Pick up class pattern upon registration.   

You will bring in your own tools, supplies & glass. Soldering jigs will be available for class use (& also available for purchase).


3D Christmas Trees


2 hrs / Ages 16+  Intermediate 


Blank module

Join us to make this cute 3D Christmas Tree that NEVER drops needles or needs watering!

Drop by, register and pick up the easy pattern! Bring your 3 sides to class ready to solder together. We'll show you quick tips to hide or show off your seams! All ready to decorate at home for the holidays!

Student must be competent with their stained glass skills. All tools & supplies are extra.




Sculptured Silhouettes 


4 hrs / Ages 16+   Intermediate class

Blank module

Use our pattern or bring in your own ideas for this fun & easy project.

We'll show you how to draw, cut & solder on a sheet of copper foil!

We'll also offer suggestions on how to apply it to your projects afterwards (applying it to your project is not part of the class).



3-D Lighted Angels 


2 hrs / Ages 16+


Blank module

Make your own beautiful Lighted Angel to top your Christmas tree or mantle! 

Come in, register and receive the pattern to pre-cut all your pieces for class.

Bring all your own tools and supplies!

Students must be comfortable with their stained glass skills.




Beveled 3D Christmas Tree


2 hrs./ Ages 16+


Blank module

This class  is just a "different take" on the 3D Christmas Tree. We use 3 different sizes of  triangle bevels to make this tree sparkle!  We simply have to cut 2 easy pieces for each of the 3 sides using whatever scraps you might have on hand.

Students are responsible for all tools and supplies!


Fused Snowglobe


2 hrs. /Ages 6+  Parent's help req'd under 10!


Blank module

Join us for this Family Friendly class! You'll each have enough supplies to make three 4" round snowglobes! Suitable for even the younger ones if you're here to help!

Everything is provided for this quick class. Snowglobes will be availabe for pick up within a few days.


Christmas Fused Suncatchers


2 hrs /Ages 6+  Parent's help req'd under 10!

Blank module

Make your own Christmas tree decorations, window hangings or gift tags!

Let your imagination soar in this fun and easy Holiday-themed class. Ideal for family fun! We'll provide you with 5 blank "canvases" and tons of colored scrap glass! You'll decorate them & we'll have them ready within a day or 2.


Stipey Santas


2 hrs /Ages 6+ Parent's help req'd under 10!

Blank module

Make up to 3 different Holiday characters in this family fun class! 

LOTS of great ideas available!

Choose either a wooden base to stand them in or have us drill a small hole to hang!

Available for pick up within a few days.


Suggest a NEW class!



Blank module


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