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High Country Stained Glass Offers Fused Glass Classes in Kamloops


We’re always on the lookout for the latest techniques in fusing glass. At High Country Stained Glass we cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. Most fusing classes are No Experience Necessary!

 Check out our class descriptions below. Contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Email or phone for more information.


The underlined classes indicates  “Intermediate—Experience Necessary”!

Fused Bowls / Plates


2hrs. / Ages 12+

Christmas-Themed Bowls / Plates

Create your own “usable art” dinnerware in this fun and easy class. Choose your shape and we’ll show you how to cut and attach various ‘bits’ to it decorate with. Available to pick up in a few days. Shown here is an example of our Crackup Plate.




5 hrs. / Ages 16+


Join us and make an awesome wind chime. Learn how to put 2 colors together and create a third! Class also covers basic cutting techniques (if required), glass drilling, and assembling with “Tiger tail” wire.


Adult Colouring


3+ hrs. / Ages 10+


Choose one of our many molds and fill the “pods” with colored glass frit. We’ll fuse it together into a beautiful panel. Optional - You can then have us shape it into a bowl or platter for special occasion use!


Frit Lamps


2 hrs. / Ages 12+


Smash up your glass and make it into something beautiful! This class is great for those of you who have tons of leftover fusible glass! (Also a great to use up your fused ‘oooops..’) After we fuse it into a disc we then slump it into a candleholder or vase.


Mood Lamps


2 hrs. / Ages 12+

Mood Lamp

Make your own curved lamp lens in this fun and easy class. We’ll show you how to decorate your lens and then we’ll fuse it (twice) into a useable piece of artwork. We’ll install it into your pre-made base for you.


Cabochons (Pendants)


2 hrs. / Ages 10+



Create your own wearable art! We provide enough glass & supplies to make 6 special cabochons. There’s even an option to make a bracelet or earrings to match! Makes a fun “girls night” class.


Slurry Art (Mushrooms or Tie Dyed Bowls)


2 hrs. / Ages 12+

Slurry Art

Make your own ‘art glass’ in this fun and easy class. Choose 3 mushrooms or 2 different bowl / plate shapes and mix up the glass colors into awesome designs. That’s so Cool Man….


Aspen Plate


2hrs. / Ages 12+


Aspen Plate

Make a beautiful 10” square forest scene in this easy class. There’s lots of ideas and glass available to make create your favorite season in the woods.




2 hrs. / Ages 16+



In this intermediate class you’ll learn how to make your own special spoons. These make awesome gifts! In this class you’ll be able to make 4 teaspoons and 1 larger serving spoon, or Spoon rest.


Patio Lanterns


3 hrs. / Ages 10+


Let your imagination soar in this fun and easy class. We’ll provide a  lantern base and tons of colored scrap glass. You’ll just need to arrange those scraps into 4 mini works of art! After they're fused you install them in the lantern. Add your own candle! 


Fused Panels


2 hrs. / Ages 12+

Fused Panel

Think of this class as “painting on a blank canvas”. Bring your ideas and learn how to transfer them onto glass. (We’ve got lots of ideas as well, to get you started). We’ve got “tons” of fusible glass scraps available to “draw and paint” with.


Funky Clocks


2hrs. / Ages 16+

Funky Clocks

Create your own functional artwork in this fun class. Learn the basics of fusing and layering components. This is then fused into a stable clock. Optional pendulum kit available.


Fused Mosaic Tables


6 hrs. / Ages 16+

Fused Mosiac Table

In this class, you’ll learn both fusing and mosaicking techniques! Bring in a small patio coffee table and see how to decorate it with simple artwork. You’ll cut out your design and we’ll fire in our kiln to make the edges smooth. Class also covers grouting.


Vintage Trailers


2 hrs.  / Ages 10+


Vintage Trailers

Join this fun class and make your own RV's!

You'll get 3 blank trailer bases to decorate your own way. We'll fuse them and you're "on your way" to new adventures!

Option: if you want them standing in bases there's an extra charge of $5.00 per RV.


Stripey Animals

2hrs.  / Ages 10+


Stripey Animals

Make 3 assorted “free-standing” characters in this easy class.

Make your own barnyard or zoo!


Fused  Suncatchers

2hrs. / Ages 6+

Fused Suncatchers

Make 5 suncatchers to decorate your world! Make great personalized gifts!


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