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Teaching the Latest Techniques in Kamloops

At High Country Stained Glass, we seek to serve as your Information Center for everything related to glass. We are passionate about our craft and we’re dedicated to searching for the latest glassmaking techniques. From stained glass to mosaics and fused glass, we teach everything from the basics to more advanced techniques.

For more information or to register for classes, have a look at our calendar and contact us today.

Courses in Kamloops for Stained Glass:

Starting with the Beginners Course is always the logical place to begin, but there’s lots of No Experience Necessary Classes offered here in our downtown Kamloops Studio. Check our Current Calendar for class dates & times. Underlined classes mean Intermediate – Experience Necessary!


$75. + Tools (Beginners Kit $224.95) & some supplies for your second project.

12 hrs. / Ages 16+


Learn all the basics in this 12 hour class. We start with safety then explain the different types of glass. Next is cutting lines & simple shapes. We then move on to cutting out your easy Beginner project, then (Lunch &) foiling your pieces. The second class gets us soldering and finishing our project. You’ll also start a second project to be completed in the third class (homework required!) We include practice glass and the glass for your first project.

Intro to Stained Glass

$45. Everything included!

3 hrs. / Ages 14+

Intro to Stained Glass

Get a “taste” of what’s involved in doing a small stained glass panel without any commitment. Each student will make a 6” square Suncatcher to take home with them. You’ll learn how to cut glass using the strip cutter, and then foil and solder your piece.


$60. & Up. All tools and supplies extra.

6+ hrs. / Ages 16+


In this Intermediate/Advanced class you’ll design and build your own lampshade. This class shows you how to use designing tables so you can build exactly the size & shape you want. In the basic lamp class you’ll only be able to make a “single sloped” shade. There are various other styles of lamp classes offered throughout the year. In the (Advanced) Lighted Lamp Base class you actually make a stained glass base to go with your lampshade. You’ll learn how to wire a 3 way switch so the base will light up too! Beginners Class is a pre-requisite! Also helpful to have completed a few projects.

3-D Dragonfly.

$30. Everything included.

2 hrs. / Ages 16+

3-D Dragonfly

Make a whimsical 3-D Dragonfly that will stick to your window, hang, or poke into your garden! You’ll learn the basics of foiling and soldering and then decorate your dragonfly with swirls of beads.

Nugget Circle Suncatcher

$50. Everything included.

3 hrs. / Ages 14+

Nugget Circle Suncatcher

Make a wild “sunshine” Suncatcher in this “No Experience Necessary” class. Each student can choose from hundreds of strips of glass and nuggets. Foil the strips and solder your project together. Hang in a sunny spot when you get home!

Table Lanterns

$80. Includes base & wiring kit. All other tools and supplies extra.

4 hrs. / Ages 16+

Table Lanterns

Take your skills to the next level, make a simple (or complicated) 3 sided lantern. Solder your 3 panels together and learn how to make a stand for it. Wiring and base is included. Beginners class is a pre-requisite!

Leaded Panel

$60. All tools and supplies extra.

6 hrs. / Ages 16+

Leaded Panel

Students will pick up a pattern and pre-cut it for class. You’ll learn the original construction method used for hundreds of years. Lead safety and puttying are also covered.

Leaded Whimsical Houses

$45. Everything included.

3 hrs. / Ages 12+

Teachers will help you use your imagination in designing a whimsical “Fairie” House. Lead wrapped construction will be used to assemble your project. Lots of decorating ideas will be covered!

Leaded Sunflower/Suncatcher

$40. Everything included.

2 hrs. / Ages 12+

Leaded Sunflower-Suncatcher

Create your own cute Suncatcher in this easy class. Learn to wrap lead channels around your glass pieces and then solder them all together! There may be other shapes available, depending upon the class.

Decorative Soldering

$60. + Supplies

4 hrs. /  Ages 16+

Decorative Soldering

Make a simple panel and learn the basics of manipulating solder into fun patterns. Great class if you ‘Hate’ to solder.

Sculptured Silhouettes

$60. + Supplies

4hrs. / Ages 16+

Sculptured Silhouettes

Take your soldering to the next level and make a silhouetted shape. Looks awesome over a simple panel or even just a framed piece of glass.

Stepping Stones

$45. Everything included!

2 hrs. / Ages 6+

Choose from over 20 different pre-cut kits to make your own real concrete stepping stone! Class includes enough cement to finish your stone at home after 48 hours.

Yard Art

$50. Supplies extra.

6hrs. / Ages 16+

Another great way to use up those leftover chunks of glass! In this class you’ll learn an easy way to assemble those chunks into a stable panel. Frame it in zinc & it’s ready to adorn your yard or garden.


$40. Supplies extra.

3hrs. / Ages 16+


Create your own treasure box for yourself or for a special gift. Uses only 1 sq ft of glass! Design your own lid and construct a small rectangle box. (Master the mystery of hinges!) This is an Intermediate class.

Clear Textured Panel

$50. Supplies extra

6 hrs. / Ages 16+

Clear Textured Panel

In this easy class you’ll learn the secrets to making a panel with NO color! We’ll show you how to use various textured glass to assemble a stunning piece of artwork. It’ll match everyone’s décor!

Copper Tooling

$50. Including Tooling copper wire, black night light fixture & various chemicals for coloring.

3 hrs. / Ages 16+

shopify copper tooling pumpkin

Students are responsible for glass, tools, supplies & night light clip. Students will learn how to make a lit mini 3-D “copper sculpture”! students will need to be prepared to do the same class pattern which will provide the basis for instruction. (Pattern may vary with the season.)


$45. Includes Bevel Cluster only

2 hrs. / Ages 16+


Please come to class with your bevel cluster foiled. You’ll also need to foil eight ½” nuggets and one 1”. Other supplies needed (and can be purchased during class) as well as your own tools. In this class students will learn how to combine copper foil and “lead wrapping” techniques. You’ll finish the bevel cluster center with your own hand-made filigrees!

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