Courses in Kamloops for Fusing Glass

Learn some of the most popular techniques in fusing with glass. At High Country Stained Glass we cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. Classes are offered at out studio in downtown Kamloops. Contact us for more information or to register.


Learn all the basics of the different firing schedules and create up to 3 projects. We'll also cover all the kiln preparation and set-up. This class is a must for those who would like to know more in preparation for (perhaps) purchasing their own in the future! 6 hours. No experience necessary!

Cabochons (Pendants!)

Make your very own jewellery in this quick class. Just the basics are covered and the rest of the time is just play! Optional bracelet is available for a matched set! 2 hours. No experience necessary!


Make a funky windchime with no previous experience! We'll cover basic fusing techniques and how to drill holes in glass! In the second class we'll help you string them together for a super-strong windchime! 5 hours. No experience necessary!

Bowls & Plates

This easy class will provide you with an opportunity to create your own dishware. The glass we use is microwave, dishwasher and food safe! 3 hours. No experience necessary!

Frit Lamps

Smash up your glass scraps and fire them into a useful lantern or candleholder (or vase). This one day class is quick and easy! 3 hours. No experience necessary!

Funky Fused Clocks

Come in and make a one-of-a-kind clock. Techniques include making your own pendulum!

4 hours. Basic cutting skills required.

Mood Lamps

Create a stunning curved lamp in this easy class. We’ll cover all the basics as well as glass drilling and lamp wiring! 3 hours. No experience necessary!

Fused Flowers

Two realistic looking flowers are made in this unique class. In the first class, you will cut and decorate flowers. We will fuse and slump them on the appropriate mould. The flowers will be drilled, wrapped and glued at the second class.

Ikebana (Japanese Vases)

In this one day class you'll use just 1 sq. ft. of glass to create a special vase! Only straight cutting is needed so it's ideal tor the very beginner! 2 hours. No experience necessary!

Fused Mosaic Table

Make an outdoor (or indoor) patio table sparkle by applying a bright mosaic to it. You'll cut all the pieces and we'll 'soften' the edges in our kiln. We'll then glue them on and grout. It will be perfectly smooth similar to glass 'tiles'! 12 hours. No experience necessary!

We also offer various holiday themed classes throughout the year. Check the schedule for dates and times!

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