Kamloops Stained Glass Cutting & Fusing Supplies

If you need glass supplies, at High Country Stained Glass we have it or we will find it. Whether you are looking for a soldering iron, glass crafting tools, fusing supplies or just ideas we have it all! We seek to be your source for all of your glass projects. Come see our complete range of products at our store in Kamloops. Visit us today!

Products We Carry

  • Tiffany Garden Moulds
  • Novocan Chemicals
  • Bevel Sets & Open Stock Bevels
  • Open Stock Bevels
  • System 96 Glass & Fusing Supplies
  • Findings for Fused Jewellery Bails
  • Enamelling Supplies
  • Lamp Finishing Products
  • Morton Tools

We try everything and then recommend the best, here are some tools and products that we use in our classes and carry in our store.


We carry most of Glastar’s line of grinders and tools in stock. We recommend the Super Star II for the hobbyist. The All-Star grinder is the best value and you’ll never have to upgrade! They have a great 5-year warranty on the motor and are a very service oriented company! All of their products are of course CSA approved!


We have many of Inland stained glass tools in stock. They are moderately priced and good value for the home hobbyist.


We recommend Weller soldering irons. The best iron for perfect beads and even seams is the Weller 100 Watt Iron. Their large variety of interchangeable tips makes this iron foolproof! It has a 1 year warranty. Also CSA approved!

Morton Glass Works

We carry the full line of Morton Tools in stock! They are a stained glasser’s best friend! We can also offer help in using them.

Toyo Cutters

They are the best value in our estimation. Toyo cutters are imported from Japan, where quality is most important. We always stock the ‘Comfort-grip’ in florescent colors so it’s easy to find! We’ve adapted an oak handle to fit our cutters, so it’s easier on your hands to cut.

Skutt Kilns

Skutt Kilns are the oldest supplier of kilns in North America! They are the supplier of kilns for systems 96. We use several different ones in our store so you can check them out. They are CSA approved.

Edco Foil

We prefer Edco Foil for regular stained glass. It’s smoother than other foils we’ve worked with. It also has a thinner paper backing so less foiling cuts! It’s the stickiest and also doesn’t have an odour like other foils. It’s always available in sizes from 3/16” up to 1/2”.

We also carry silver and black backed foil. Sheet foil is also available and it now comes in black backed as well. Our supplier of sheet foil is Venture Foil.


We carry lots of books in our store. Contact us for our current list, because our varieties of books change from week to week! We also carry books and instruction guides for glass art by these publishers;

Cascade Metals

We use Cascade Metals, which are manufactured in B.C.! We stock most of the popular sizes of lead and zinc (as well as some copper and brass). Anything else is easily available as a special order, even extra-long!

Taurus 3 Ring Saw

We love our Taurus 3 Ring saw! It cuts in any direction with ease! They have many specialty blades available now, so there’s no guessing whether or not ‘you can cut it’. CSA approved!


We carry many kinds of glass for the stained glass crafter. We have a complete line of Spectrum Glass. It is always a reliable choice and easily available from its home in Seattle.

We carry a good selection of Kokomo Glass. Made the same way since 1888!

We have a limited selection of Uroboros Glass. Each sheet is handmade and a delight for artists of all levels!

We carry a limited supply of Wissmach Glass on hand. Similar to Kokomo Glass, it is easy to cut. Their beautiful colour mixes and textures are lower priced than Kokomo’s.

System 96 ®

System 96 is a collaboration of Spectrum Glass Uroboros Glass, Skutt Kilns and CBS (Coatings by Sandborn–Dichroic Glass). It is a reasonably priced, dependable glass fusing alternative. We carry most of their glass and fusing supplies on hand!

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Spectrum Glass


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