Courses in Kamloops for Stained & Leaded Glass

Learn all the techniques you will need to complete your own stained glass project. At High Country Stained Glass, we cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. Classes are offered at our studio in downtown Kamloops. Contact us for more information or to register.

Beginners (Copper Foil Technique)

This class covers all the basics of stained glass (cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering and more). You make 2 projects to take home. 12 hours. No experience necessary!


Design cut, and assemble your own box. Learn the secrets to working with hinges, metal feet and chain. 4 hours. Intermediate.


If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, join a Refresher Class. It’s the same as above but with a bit more leeway in pattern selection! You’ll find that it’ll all come back to you (and a bit more)!

Nugget Suncatcher

Come in and experience all the basics and make a 6" square suncatcher! Everything is provided for this 'trial run' type class. See if you'll like it before you commit to it! 3 hours. No experience necessary!

Leaded Panel

In this class you'll learn the 'traditional' method of doing Stained Glass. You'll assemble a small panel and learn how to stabilize and waterproof it. 8 hours. Stained glass experience necessary!


Make a single-slopped lamp in this 3 week class. Design your own or pick a pattern of ours! Easy cutting and assembly techniques will be covered in this informative class. 6 hours. Experience necessary!

Table Lanterns

Make a 3 sided 'Japanese Style' table lantern in this 4 hour class. Assemble and then get wiring tips to enjoy your new lamp! 4 hours. Experience necessary!

Stepping Stones

In this fun and easy class you'll pour your own 9" concrete stepping stone! Ages 8 and up are welcome to join in the 'mud'. Everything is provided for this finish at home project 2 hours. No experience necessary!

Yard Art

New this year! Use up your left-over chunks of glass in this unique project! Not much cutting or soldering required. Display this freestanding glass in your front yard and change it with the seasons. 9 hours. Experience necessary!

3-D Dragonflies

This is a fun little class that requires about a ¼ foot of glass! Cut out a set of wings and solder them onto copper pipe. Then decorate it and hang it on a window! 2 hours. Experience necessary!

Decorative Soldering

Make a simple panel and learn the basics of manipulating solder into fun patterns. Great if you 'hate' to solder! 4 hours. Experience necessary!

Picture Frames

Learn to draft up different styles of picture frames. You will leave class with a completed frame. 4 hours. Intermediate stained glass experience necessary.

Sculptures & Silhouettes

Decorate a simple panel with a copper sheet overlay. It's easy to cut all the little details and then 'carve' in solder on the copper sheet! Attach it to your panel for a silhouetted look. 6 hours. Experience necessary!

Stained Glass Wind Chimes

Use your scraps and create a cute glass 3-D wind chime with birds, leaves and more. This piece can also be left as a mobile for quiet enjoyment. 3 hours. Intermediate.

Morton Workshop

Learn all the tricks for your Morton Portable Glass Shop. This course is free with purchase from us or $20.00 (+tax) per hour without purchase.

Lead Wrapped Night Lights

Make your own beautiful nightlight while learning the secrets of working with hobby lead came. 3 hours. Intermediate.

Japanese-Style Table Lanterns

Here you will assemble and wire a beautiful table lantern. Homework required! 3 hours. Intermediate.

We also offer various holiday themed classes throughout during the year! See the schedule for dates and times!

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