Courses in Kamloops for Mosaics

Learn all the techniques you'll need to complete your own mosaic project. At High Country Stained Glass, we offer everything from the basics to more advanced techniques. Classes in Mosaics are offered at our studio in downtown Kamloops. Contact us for more information or to register.


We start with a simple 10" mirror and apply a glass border. Using a special glue sheet it is ready to grout the same day! 3 hours. No experience necessary!


Brighten up your space by constructing your own lantern. Using the knowledge from the beginners class make a square lantern to hold a candle or go the next step and learn to wire it! 7 hours. Experience necessary!

Mosaic Windows

Expand your vision and make a mosaic window panel! We help you plan, design and complete a larger mosaic panel. 9 hours. Experience necessary!

Mosaic Lighted Blocks

These 'building blocks' have been drilled and repurposed into a cute lantern for inside or out! We mosaic all sides, grout and fill with lights. 4 hours. Experience necessary!

Silhouetted Mosaic Blocks

We apply a built-up (in solder) copper sheet to your mosaic block. Add beautiful details that will jump out in the light! 9 hours. Experience necessary!

Silhouetted Mosaic Mirror

Use your creativity to mosaic a larger mirror and then apply a detailed silhouette with a copper sheet overlay! 6 hours. Experience necessary!

Fused Mosaics

This fun one day class will cover the technique of attaching your mosaics with heat! Everything is applied and then "grouted" with fine frit (sand-sized glass bits). It's all fired in our kiln and ready to pick up the next day! Various patterns available. 4 hours. No experience necessary!

Fused Stamped Glass

In this class you’ll learn how to apply permanent patterns onto your plain fusible glass. The (cute) patterned glass can then be cut and used in any project. 2 hours. No experience necessary!

Fused Mosaic Tables

Make an outdoor (or indoor) patio table sparkle by applying a bright mosaic to it. You'll cut the pieces and we'll 'soften' the edges in our kiln. You'll glue them on and grout. It will be perfectly smooth similar to glass 'tiles'! 12 hours. No experience necessary!

We also offer various holiday themed mosaic classes throughout the year! Check the schedule for dates and times!

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